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Square Pokemon

Created by Douglas Ferreira

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Video Game Posters - Created by Robert Pfaff

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Freshly uncovered from the ground in Hyrule, “The Missing Link" by Graja is currently up for scoring!

Score some submissions, and don’t forget to enter to win your favorite designs if they get printed!

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Triforce of The Gods (The Legend of Zelda)

by michaelmayne




Today I planned on posting my PlayStation 4 unboxing photos but since my PlayStation 4 hasn’t worked since receiving it yesterday, my enthusiasm for posting the pictures has left me.

That’s right, my brand new PlayStation 4 was dead on arrival. It would turn on and display a blue wavy light on the box but would never transmit video to the TV.

Once I got over my initial frustration, I checked Amazon (where I got it) to see if other people were in the same boat as me. Not only was I not alone, but there were lots of people with similar problems. 

Naturally, when seeing user reviews about a product that has as vocal a fan base as gaming consoles do, most reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, but review after review I read people having a similar experience to my own.

After further research, it turns out that these problems aren’t just plaguing Amazon purchasers. Users on NeoGaf and PlayStation 4 support forum are reporting the same issues with consoles they bought at Best Buy, GameStop, and other outlets.

Some are claiming this problem is as widespread as Microsoft’s RROD issue with the Xbox 360 but it’s too soon to really know the extent of the issues and Sony hasn’t issued a statement about them. What is known for sure is that the issue is rampant and Sony support is being hammered with calls, having wait times up to 2 hours in some cases, and forums are filling with reports about the issue.

Hardware failures are going to happen. That’s a fact. I replaced three Xboxes (under warranty) so I know this personally. It doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the disappointment of pre-ordering the product in June to only have it non-functioning when it arrives in November though. 

We will update you as this story evolves. In the meantime, how’s your PlayStation 4 experience been? Let us know!

**Editor’s note: the above comic from Ctrl+Alt+Del was created Thursday after Tim heard the initial reports of faulty PlayStation 4s. On Friday when his PlayStation 4 arrived, it died two minutes into setup. Receiving the ‘Pulsing Blue Dickpunch of Sadness’ as well.**

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It’s been 6 generations and this guy is still tripping balls over science and technology. 

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Pokemon Starters 

Created by Leslie Luc

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The guy who doesn’t get romantic cues (x)

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Deconstructed  Part 2

Photographed/Created between Mar.2013-Jun.2013

Gaming has been around for as long as most of us can remember. Often the gamer is defined by the games they play and the tools they use. The controller is a pivotal tool used in gaming; each console comes with its own controller, designed to maximize the experience of the system. As we game, these controllers become an extension of our own movements. They transform the way we game and our actions and conduct. They are extensions of ourselves, and as we use them we grow attached to their touch. They are used to break language barriers and travel across continents. As we use them, they take on our characteristics, as much as we take on theirs.

Deconstructed is a series of dissected controllers collected from the gamers who owned them. Each controller was used and often played until it was no longer operable. Some have been physically altered, and others were damaged in attempts to fix them. This is their autopsy, a chance to compare our growth and commitment to the tools we use to game.

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Super Mario 64 is in progress. Rotos, Xylophone, Vibes, 2 Drums, Triangle, Bells, Cymbals, Timpani, and String Quartet.

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